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Some Of The Companies That We Have Worked With


Local Online presence + Local SEO

The one-two punch that helps businesses gain more customers within their city, state, or zip code(s). Customers are searching for your industry, and our strategies will help customers find you. Our first goal is to get your offsite presence optimized so that you can reach customers that are searching for your industry locally: we will then optimize your onsite presence so that the search engines (Google, Bing, and a few others) rank your company higher. Learn More

Get More Customers Locally With Local SEO Ranking Locations
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Voice Search Optimization

As of 2020, voice has been responsible for over 50% of all searches! We have seen the increase in “near me” searches. We understand the importance of getting your business in front of customers that are searching for your type of services via voice search platforms such as Siri (Apple devices), Alexa (Amazon), Microsoft Cortana (Microsoft), Google Assistant (Google devices), and Bixby (Samsung Devices). Learn More

Lead Generation

Do you want more customers without waiting months? Well, lead generation may be the best option for you. Lead generation is the process of paid marketing using social media ads, Google AdWords, and a well-optimized landing page that persuades potential customers to purchase from you or to share their info with you in return for more info on what you are offering. Such as car insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, flood insurance, motorcycle insurance, and many more.

Native & Hybrid App Development

Ok, let’s get a little geeky! So you are interested in getting an App created? If so, you are in the right place. We are a group of geeks that loves to code. And we code a lot! When we look at mobile app development, there are two ways to approach it. Option 1: is called “Native development.” Native development is coding specifically for the platform that your mobile app will be running on (Swift for Apple devices and Kotlin for Android devices). Option 2: is called “Hybrid development.” Hybrid development is using a single code base (Flutter or React Native) that will allow your app to run on multiple operating systems such as IOS, Android, and sometimes Windows.

Web Development

When it comes to web development, our team here at 3Sixtyco is very creative, but we understand the importance of a fast and responsive website. We also take into consideration our client’s needs and vision for their new website. We use a proprietary web development process that allows us to build powerful websites for our clients.

Why you should work with us

Increased online visibility = More Customers.

We have clients in USA, UK, and Canada.

Increase your E-commerce sales.

Native and Hybrid app development.

Powerful Web Development

Great Customer Service

Our Popular Pricing

Loca Online Presence + Local SEO

Get More Customers Locally! STARTING AT
$ 500
  • Website Analysis
  • Bi-Weekly and Monthly SEO Reports (As per your request)
  • Citation Building (3+ per month)
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Citation Audits
  • Keyword Research/Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization (3)
  • Review Management/Building
  • GMB Setup And Management
  • 1 SEO Content Creation (500+ words) Per Month

Lead Generation

Exclusive Only Leads! STARTING AT
$ 25
Per Lead
  • Exclusive Leads
  • Leads are transferred once received
  • We do not keep or resell your leads
  • No Contracts, Pay Per Lead

Native & Hybrid App Development

Custom App for your company. $1000 One-time setup
$ 500
  • Custom IOS APP
  • Custom Android APP
  • IOS App Submission
  • Android App Submission
  • Annual Apple Developer fee of $100
  • One-Time $25 Google Play Store Fee
  • Development Time Is based On Your Requirements
  • No Contract
  • 5000 Push Notifications

Web Development

$ 1500 Up to 5 pages
  • Fast Load Time
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Modern Design Concept
  • Custom Built Based On Your Requirements
  • Built For Optimal SEO Ranking
  • $300 Monthly Maintenance and Management